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Musicgrounds is your interactive map for music events

Here you will find among other things over 20,000 events, direct links to tickets and a journey planner. It is free, you don't need to log in and you can share your plans with your friends right away. Get started and plan your festival weekend, the next party or a concert night.

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Musicgrounds was developed to help you discover new things in the world of music - as comfortably as possible. If you live in the middle of nowhere, it may often seem like there's nothing going on. Use our map to find events near you, no matter whether you're in a village or in a metropolis.
Enter the name of your location and explore the interactive map to see what events are taking place in your area. Of course, you can filter by desired date, music genre and type of event. You can also just check out what's going on and try out something new.
And if you want to go further away you can check out your travel time and plan a route to your desired event. Share your found parties, festivals, concerts or other events with your friends and plan your visit together.

Have fun celebrating!
Many thanks to all who continue to make great music events possible in these difficult times!

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